Monday, October 20, 2008


"Today was the BEST day of my life. We had soooooo much FUN! If you guys don't know who I am this is Brenda.. And this is my BLOG! I write about whatever I want in my BLOG. So today, which was the greatest day ever!! WE went to.......wait for it..........SEAWORLD!!!! My most favorite place in the world. I got to pet the DOLPHINS... those are my favorite animal!!! I sometimes wish I could be a dolphin one day! They make me sooooo HAPPY. When I dream at night I wish I lived with them in the ocean. It has taken so many years to perfect swimming like a DOLPHIN!! I think that it takes a lot of time and effort to be this obsessive about dolphin like me....... I'm sorry if you guys think im a total nerd but i love my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............ This has ben so much fun talking aout dolphins.. So I'm going to start another BLOG abou whales and my birds and dog!!!! "

((we love you brenda lol))

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