Saturday, October 18, 2008

STOP BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg!!! im brandon and my sister is brenda... she blogs about everything... everything from the tricks her dog katie learns to the dust under the coffee table... thats some overly obsessive blogging right there... she blogs about coffee, doughnuts, dolphins, water, her toenails... her toes... she blogs about her blog... she even made her dog a blog... she blogs while she's at work she blogs while she's at home, she blogs while she's at her family's house if she could she would blog while she is driving... but since she can't she instead thinks about things to blog about... yup... she'll just be sittin there and see a bird fly by and be like "oh!!! im gonna blog about that when i go to work" she even blogs about how she's not supposed to be blogging while she's working... and while she's blogging she says "im gonna blog about myself blogging" ... once again im brandon... and if you want to blog go ahead... but don't be like brenda... blog responsibly..... im brandon brown and i approve this message...

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